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5214F Diamond Heights Blvd. #136
San Francisco, CA
Soundworks under the direction of veteran DJ Sam LaBelle, services club DJs on the West Coast and is one of the premiere crossover pools in the country. DJs from the Mississippi westward are welcomed to apply for membership. Promos for pool consideration should be sent "attention: Sam LaBelle".

You must be a working DJ, playing in a club at least two nights or an active mobile/independent  We can stretch this definition (call us). Record pools are for professional DJs who can use a variety of dance music in their sets or want to keep up with what is happening in a variety of dance music genres. Soundworks is a crossover pool. This means that service includes all the obvious club/dance/pop/hiphop artists releases and what the labels like to see "crossover" from less obvious genres.

Further questions about Soundworks' pool service are answered in the Pool FAQ.

Biweekly, a top-50 chart is compiled from pool member response. An archive of old charts is also available.